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Frank Sinatra by Midnight---Rainbow
Frank Sinatra
While discussing my drawings, my dad joked about me doing a Frank Sinatra drawing for my grandparents. Having before thought about doing this drawing due to seeing pencil drawings of Frank Sintra on their walls and thinking I could do a better job, I could not give up the challenge. Despite one now blaringly obvious mistake this is my favourite drawing to date, purely because I done this in record time. While my previous drawings have been made over many monthes, this was made in two days (with a few days in between I was busy working), I estimate I drew this in 10-14 hours.
Katniss Everdeem by Midnight---Rainbow
Katniss Everdeem
My drawing of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from the Hunger Games series. Personally I tend not to remember actresses very well but Jennifer Lawrence has quickly become one of my favorites, there isn't a movie I haven't loved her in.

This scan feels a bit darker for my liking but as I'm having computer trouble, I can't be bothered to mess around with it. (That computer trouble actually being so bad that I've lost all my digital drawings)
GCA2: Balthazar by Midnight---Rainbow
GCA2: Balthazar
With all GCA, designed and copyright belongs to Kain Grimm.
GCA1: Tyler Grimm by Midnight---Rainbow
GCA1: Tyler Grimm
The coloured drawing of Tyler Grimm. As with all GCAs, character designed by and copyright belongs to Kain Grimm.
I have recently had two major advances in my Art and strangely enough, they are both called the same thing. First I have bought a Tablet and by that I mean a phone and laptops's strange love child. This means I have finally entered the 2010s and am much more free to access the internet rather than having to boot up my laptop every time. I am hoping to be a bit more active on here and to look into many of the other features I have never used as well as to look at alot more art. I was once told a great way to advance your art is to look at others'. The second tablet, is a graphics tablet, yes I have now entered into the world of digital art. Meaning I can now add colour to my work. And surprisingly, I have really fell in love with my tablet. I thought it would be feel really strange and difficult to use but it just feels so smooth and it has so many advantages, not that I going to be throwing my pencils out anytime soon but it still might take up a significant amount of my art in the future.

Anyway with so many changes, I thought I might sort of stock up on my art before posting to have this sort of reboot as well as update my ID and everything. I'll go through where I am according to the folders I recently created:

Character Designs
I have a friend, who has asked me to draw some concept art of his characters as he's trying to become a game designer, which I shall call Grim Concept Art (GCA) as Grim is his last name and it's a slight play on words. When I upload them that is the type of thing to expect from a request (if you haven't seen, I'm now taking requests). I have got one done already and was hoping to finish the other one today which I shall upload both when they are done and they are really my first lot of attempts at digital art. I also now have the references of quite a few more of the GCAs, which makes it alot easier for me, I always find it is easier working on more than one piece at once. I'm hoping to upload them in batches of 4-5. Also in this folder I shall upload some of my own characters, I have a few bobbing around in my head but since most/all remain as ideas I shalln't talk about them untill I'm going to upload them.

Realistic Drawings
There isn't much to add here. I've got a few in the pipeline, obviously there's the Walter White picture though I don't know where I'm going with that and I have got several others which are mostly over 50% done. I do feel like I am getting better so much that it's improving my speed in these or maybe I'm just being less picky.

I'll be honest here, I'm not much of a photographer or at all. But I went to Barcelona and took a few pictures and liked the way they came out, maybe I shouldn't be submitting my holiday pics but I did try to take them in a more artistic light (half them being pictures of Gaudi's work, helps). Im not sure if I'll add more to this but if I do I might look into taking pictures of Birmingham, I do like this city and fairly proud to come from here. I might also try to organise the better Barcelona pictures into like a collage.

As it says, just scraps. I created this folder for some of my rubbish old pictures and may or may not use it for minor pieces in the future.


Midnight---Rainbow's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I tend to like to try most things, but art-wise, I mostly dabble in pencil drawings. At the mo, mostly random eyes and faces and the occasional celebrity pic but I hope to branch out with more practise.

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