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Request: Tyler Grimm by Midnight---Rainbow
Request: Tyler Grimm
I'm proud to announce my first request. If you have a request in the future, this is the type of thing you can expect to recieve though I will have a bit of practise in seeing whether I can make the image cleaner, I may even come back to this and ink the lines before rescanning. If you do request an image then I would say to try to find someone who can draw over the lines in photoshop and colour it in but I may see if I can teach myself to do that.

This image was drew by me but the whole character was designed by Kain Grimm and he maintains the copyright of such.

This was fun. Kain was very good in his references, having designed his characters within a game, he was able to give me visual references for the hair and clothes. I was a little on my own in terms of facial features body shape, expression and pose but I had an idea of what wanted from discussions. I knew he was inspired by Japenese RPGs (e.g. final fantasy), that he wanted youngish almost elf like features while not looking too androgynous. I had extrapolated that this was most likely a main protagonist as I got a sense it was one of his favourite characters. From there I gave the character a youngish look but still looking quite strong. The face I gave soft and boyish while at the same time a strong jaw line. The pose, I went for: signalling a child to get behind him as he steps forward to defend them from an enemy he has just noticed. The pose partially inspired by the fact I weren't sure what to do with the left hand.

I have to say the pinstripe trousers was great fun (and not just because of the amount of effort I put into the crotch area). Rarely in drawings do you get to use controur lines.
I've recently started doing some drawings for a friend who's doing a gaming course and needed some concept art of his characters. I have really enjoyed it and so I will now be taking requests (I think that's the right word) in drawing people's own characters. For an idea of what to expect look up any of my drawings with request in the name. Here are the rules:

1. Please don't ask for a request if you would otherwise of paid someone to do it. I have alot of respect for professional artists and would not wish to undercut them on the price but I shall trust people's honesty in saying whether they would pay someone or not.

2. I don't work to a time frame. I'm not paid so I will not drop important things in my life to make sure your drawing is finished. But at the moment I'm not too busy and I'm enjoying it enough to find the time, just don't moan if I haven't finished it as quickly as you thought I would.

3. I am free to decline a request if i find it offensive, not capable of doing it or if I don't wish to draw it for other reasons. By all means request what ever but I will politely decline if I feel is necessary. At this moment in time there are only a couple conditions in what I draw:
3a. I do not guarentee colour as I have never added colour to my work. Feel free to request and I may give it a go but as I say it's not a guarentee. Pencil shading is fine however.
3b. I typically only do requesters' original characters. In that I mean don't expect any of my most realistic work where I've copied from an image. That takes much more time and effort than I'm willing to give to someone I don't know.

4. You own the copyright of the character but I maintain copyright of the image. By that I mean you will keep the rights to the character and all the design and details of them but the image I am free to do with as I wish though that will mostly be submitting it onto DA. You are free to use the image as you wish but I only request that you reference me by including a link to my DA page and don't use it for commercial use.

5. The way it shall work:
5a. Give me a description and if you have visual references then brilliant (e.g. you have created the character within a game, you want them to have a celebrities nose, you have an image of the jacket they shall wear etc) but don't worry if you don't. Try to give as much details as you can and please include the personality so I can get the right pose and expression. In terms of personality, if possible use single words but try not to use words that only mildly relate to the character or are common traits e.g. use words like "outgoing" but not "likes to go out with friends" as pratically everyone like to go out with friends.

5b. After I have a description I will do some quick sketches to get a feel for the character and certain details. Allow you to have a look, say whatever changes you want. I will then draw up a proper drawing, which I shall show you through the progress if I feel your input is needed in certain details. I will then send you the finished drawing.

5c. Please criticise my work. I am really not hurt by criticism and no matter how detailed your description is there's bound to be something you are not happy with so please say. Telling me early makes it easier for me to change. I'm sure I would change a finished drawing if you wanted to change something but it's easier for me if you say before.

I think that's about it. I know there isn't many that stumble across my page so I'm not expecting many replies.
Dot and Murphy by Midnight---Rainbow
Dot and Murphy
A picture I started of my friend Dot and her greyhound, Murphy, which ended up turning into her birthday present. I almost didn't give her it, not sure whether it was good enough and it felt a little egotistical to give a drawing as a present but it got a good enough response. That said, a few areas still bug me.

Original reference photo taken by Dot and colour slightly adjusted in photoshop.


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I tend to like to try most things, but art-wise, I mostly dabble in pencil drawings. At the mo, mostly random eyes and faces and the occasional celebrity pic but I hope to branch out with more practise.

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