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United Kingdom
I tend to like to try most things, but art-wise, I mostly dabble in pencil drawings. At the mo, mostly random eyes and faces and the occasional celebrity pic but I hope to branch out with more practise.
By the way, if these suck and are boring to read, so be it. They are pretty much purely for me. It's just my need to not annoy people required me to point that out. Life has been quite hectic and stressful currently so much so that I once fainted at work but that could of been the result of numerous things. I currently hope to create more works or atleast just one piece of work that is my own design, completed and I can hang on the wall. The dream is not for other's appreciation but with my walls plastered with personal meaningful artwork that I've created myself and not just a poster that have been sold to thousands of people.

I've came up with an idea for a story named something like No. Seven/No. 7/The Girl from Flat No. 7 (the title I'm working on). It came after I was at a family member's place, a fairly big house that had been converted to contain 7 separate flats and someone from another flat just left a note moaning about the bins. And it just occurred to me, all those times I had been there I had never really met the other people living there. It just reminded me of how we go through life, I get on a bus most mornings with 10-15 people, I pass a tonne of people everyday, not one I know a single thing about but each one with their own story. I kind of want this to be like the movie Crash, where I want it to portray seven separate individuals/families coming into contact with each other through difficult times, though instead of focusing on racism, I wanted it to focus on more. I want the families to be a real contrast of people (in a way, reflecting the multicultural nature of Brum), linked only really in the fact that they live in the same house and that they will be in roughly the same financial state (which you would expect as the rent will be roughly the same). I then want them to clash and to interact but then reveal parts of their back story at the correct moments to show why they are like how they are. I just really want to show how there can be much more to a person to what you see, even when it looks pretty clear.

Obviously there are difficulties to this (beside my procastination and inability to produce any of my ideas), the story really needs to be cleverily written or it will end up coming off as preachy and maybe soap opera-esque and quite frankly, I doubt I will be able to make it any decent but this is an idea I will come back to from time to time.

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